About Heidi

Hi everyone, I’m Heidi Barrette, the chef and owner of The Flip Truck!

I‘ve been cooking food for my friends and family since I was a kid in Kona, Hawaii, experimenting with all kinds of things my mom grew in our backyard. We had a chicken coop, a milk goat, an herb garden and just about every tropical fruit and vegetable you can imagine! Our neighbors were farmers, fishermen and hunters and were always dropping off coolers of Kona coffee beans, macadamia nuts, avocados, fresh-caught Ahi, Ono, Swordfish, Wild Boar, Turkey and tons of other killer local bounty…talk about inspiration!

I learned to cook professionally many years ago, but most recently have taken a slew of courses at the CIA (Culinary Institute of America) and received my Chef’s Degree at Laguna Culinary Arts.

As Chef & Owner of a local catering company (Relish Cooking) for the last 5 years, I knew I wanted to take my food to a more personal level, so last year, I came up with the Gourmet Food Truck concept out of sheer desire to get people good eats…I LOVE to make it, and to share it…what a gift!

So The Flip Truck was born and we’re thrilled to be flipping burgers for a living!

Look for us on Twitter, Facebook or check our website to see how we roll…

- Heidi

Oh, one more thing…I’d like to give a very special hug and thanks to my Uncle Billy, who believed I could do this from day one.


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